Panelo on GCTA scandal: Blame Roxas and de Lima, It got messy because of their IRR

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Manila, Philippines - Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo is blaming former Justice Secretary and now Senator Leila De Lima and former Interior Secretary Mar Roxas for the chaotic implementing rules and regulations (IRR) of the Good Conduct and Time Allowance (GCTA) law, which created confusion in the implementation of the said law. 
“I understand, doon sa IRR, isinama nila iyong may heinous crimes puwede. Kaya iyon naman ang sinasabi ng mga nag-process (Bureau of Correction). Kaya nga nagkaroon ng gulo because of that IRR which was crafted by the previous administration,” Panelo said.

“Leila de Lima issued and crafted a reso—implementing rules and regulations together with the DILG Secretary Roxas, placing those convicted of heinous crimes as covered by Republic Act 10592. I think that started the whole thing,” he added.
Panelo said in a briefing, de Lima and Roxas crafted and issued jointly the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) in 2014 or a year after the enactment of GCTA Law to be used by the Bureau of Corrections as their bible in determining which convicts deserve an early release.
He said the President asked him to issue a statement to tell Mrs. Chiong particularly, and the public, the history of that law, that this problem did not originate under his administration.

Republic Act 10592, which contains the provisions of GCTA, was introduced in Congress in 2013. Both Houses of Congress passed it and then President Benigno Aquino signed it into law. 

“If they’re saying that why are you not removing those people who have been doing the wrong computations? The President’s answer is: ‘I cannot do that because they are covered by the Security of Tenure. They are—they were employees of the previous Administration and even prior to that. So, please don’t blame me. Tell that to Mrs. Chiong.”

President Duterte was referring to the mother of the Chiong sisters from Cebu who were murdered in 1997.

During the Senate hearing, Bureau of Corrections Chief Nicanor Faledon admitted to the senators that at least three of the Chiong sisters convicts – Josman Aznar, Ariel Balansag, and Alberto CaƱo – have been released under the GCTA program.

Meanwhile, Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Locsin posted on his Twitter, he was so mad at the IRR authors, he had to curse them out. “Sino ba ang putangina nag sulat ang hindot na batas ito while sickly old men and women stay in jail?”

Source: Politiko

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