Mabilis ang panahon! Duterte: I’d be out of the office in a few months, buwanan na lang ‘yan,

President Rodrigo Duterte photo from Philstar (ctto)

President Rodrigo Duterte can relate to the saying, “so much things to do, so little time”, he knows that in just a few months or so, he will be wrapping up his term.
As 2022 gets closer, the President knows that the time to implement reforms and other programs is getting shorter.

“I’d be out in a few months, buwanan na lang ‘yan,” said Duterte during the inauguration of the Bataan Government Center and Business Hub “The Bunker” in Balanga City, Bataan on Sept. 12, 2019.

Duterte’s biggest frustration is still eradicating corruption in government, specifically the bureaucratic red tape which he believed was becoming a milking pot of the public officials out of the hardworking taxpayers.

“This I would leave you and you will remember me for it: for as long as we cannot have law and order in this country and for as long as corruption is not stopped, no amount of resolve by any person, huwag na lang ninyo ako isali, it’s a worm inside in almost everybody in government national, local,” said Duterte.

“It is in the art of making them going back and forth to the office that perpetuates corruption in government. The delay and follow-up… those are the things that make up the ugly face of government,” he added.

Source: Politiko

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