Lacson files bill seeking to penalize children abandoning old, ailing parents

Sen. Panfilo Lacson / photo file from Panay News

Senator Panfilo Lacson on Monday has refilled the Senate Bill No. 29 or “Parents Welfare Act of 2019,” which obliges children to provide the necessary support to their aging, sick and incapacitated parents.

TMS learned that the said bill was initially filed by Lacson during the 17th Congress.

Lacson, who chairs the Senate national defense and security committee, has sought the congressional passage of the bill that would strengthen filial responsibility and criminalize flagrant violation thereof.

The proposed measure states that a parent who needs assistance from his/her child may file a petition for support before the court. A support order will be then issued against those children who refused or failed to provide for their parents.

Also, under the said bill, the penalty of imprisonment of one to six months or a fine of P100,000 if the respondent fails to adhere to the law.

Meanwhile, those who would leave their parents in any place with the intention of abandoning them will be facing jail time of six to 10 years and will be slapped with not less than P300,000.

“Whoever, having the care or protection of a parent in need of support, leaves such parent in any place with the intention of wholly abandoning the latter shall be punished with imprisonment of six years to 10 years and a fine of not less than P300,000,” Lacson 's bill stated

Further, the proposed law also conditions that Old Age Homes for the elderly, sick, or incapacitated parents should be established in every province and highly urbanized city.

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