Kapamilya actress Maricar Reyes shares horrible online shopping experience to warn netizens

Photo courtesy of Instagram

The proliferation of online shopping websites has given consumers the freedom to choose from so many options in just a click of a button.  Shopping has never been this easy.

However, there are pros and cons to shopping on-line and risks should also be taken into consideration, most especially it involves our hard-earned money.

KAMI recently shared Kapamilya actress Maricar Reyes' experience from online shopping. She recently posted a photo of an item she bought online that shows a different item displayed from the actual item she received.

Maricar's advise to all, “PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH ONLINE SELLER ZALA DEALS / REMEK-DEALS I'm doing this because I don't want this to happen to others. The company seems to change names often. Ano na kaya name nila ngayon? AUG 2019 (4th week) - Bought "stainless steel kitchen drain" dish rack (SEE 2nd PHOTO). From FB sponsored post of ZALA DEALS THEIR SITE ishkvshop.myshopify.com SEEMED LEGIT. “

“Madaming comments and reviews. SEPT 5 2019 - Delivery. The person who received it for me did not check the item thoroughly before paying. BASTA NAKITA NA PARANG DISH RACK, OK NA. Item delivered was a small chrome dish rack, not at all like the one advertised. Multiple emails and DMs to Zala Deals were sent. “

Maricar sent an email to the retailer herself to make an impact and to notify them that the item she received from them was all wrong. She recounts,

“After 7 days, no response (SEE 3rd PHOTO) I commented on their FB posts using my personal FB to get their attention. LATER, I saw that the sponsored ads for Zala Deals became REMEK-DEALS. But same logo. I think Zala Deals/Remek-Deals has blocked me because I don't see their ads on my feed anymore and I can't find their page.”

“As of Sept 27, 2019, they still have not contacted me about my complaints. If they did, there would be no need for this post.” Maricar said.

Maricar just wants to share the lesson she learned from online shopping. So others will not fall victim anymore by this fly by night bogus online retailers.

WHAT I LEARNED: 1. BUY FROM LEGIT ONLINE SELLERS (We've had good experiences SO FAR from Shopee & Sellers with actual physical stores like Mosaic and Henry's Camera) 2. It's so easy to make FAKE comments, websites, & reviews to look like a legit seller. “3. If paying by COD, BE "OC" / MABUSISI. OPEN THE BOX & CHECK THE ITEM. 

If someone will receive it for you, leave DETAILED PHOTOS of the item with the person. (Make sure di tamad mag check yung magrereceive ng item mo the more OC/Mabusisi, the better) If u can't check thoroughly, DO NOT GIVE PAYMENT kahit magalit pa yung courier.

Source: KAMI

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