Gardenia Philippines releases an official statement regarding the viral video of delivery staff stealing slices of bread

Compiled photo courtesy of Coconuts Manila and Twitter

A recent video of delivery staff of Gardenia Philippines, stealing slices of bread from unopen loaf packs from their delivery van has gone viral in social media.

The said video went all over on Facebook on Thursday, has caused many netizens to feel disgusted from the scandalous video, which led the famous bread maker in the country to conduct an all-out investigation into the said incident.

Gardenia Philippines clarified the incident where the delivery staff took slices of bread were from pulled out loaves from stores which will be returned to the plant for disposal, NOT from fresh stocks for delivery to stores. 

As part of their freshness policy, they pull out unsold loaves of bread from stores and replaces these with fresh stocks every day of delivery.

In an official statement issued on Gardenia’s Facebook page yesterday, “… they were saddened by the product tampering incident done in public by one of our delivery personnel.  The leading bread company is taking this very seriously and currently investigating this incident.”

“The quality and safety of our products, as well as the welfare of our consumers, are our top priorities. Rest assured that we are doing our (sic) best we could to serve our customers with the best quality products and services,” Gardenia added

They are taking the necessary steps and measures so that no similar incident will happen again in the future.

According to Gardenia, the delivery staff in the video is now under administrative due process because he violated the company rules and procedures.

Gardenia Bakeries Philippines Inc. is a privately owned bread company based in the Philippines. It was founded by Simplicio Umali in 1978 in Singapore as an in-store bakery. 

Gardenia produces different types of cake and bread. One of its products is Pandesal a common bread roll in the Philippines. 

Watch the full video below:

Source: KAMI

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