Duterte ‘worries' who will be the next president: 'Puro kasi ano... mga hipokrito na!'

President Rodrigo Duterte/photo courtesy of Philstar

Manila, Philippines - As President Rodrigo Duterte is ending his term as the chief executive of our land, he is quite saddened that he does not see any worthy or deserving individual who will continue what he had started.

The commander in chief wishes his predecessor would carry on especially his campaign against drugs and the fight against crime and corruption as he retires from his office in 2022.

“You know, I’m about to close my presidency in a matter of months. I really do not know who’s going 
to be the next president,” said Duterte in a speech.

“And looking at the political horizon there, kung sinong ma-presidente, I’m so pessimistic but I’m sad that no one there would…Puro kasi ano. I don’t know about one or two, mga hipokrito na… They were doing it before their time there in the Senate. Pero sumasali sa mga atake na ganun,” the President added.

President Duterte said he will be worried for the “next generation” of Filipinos especially if the next president would discontinue what he had started during his term.

“Ang gusto ko lang masiguro kasi na malaman ninyo ‘pag hindi natin nahinto ang graft and corruption and if there is no law and order sa ating bayan, even if you give the Philippines another 20 years with the same set-up, with the same — the Constitution itself is tailored for corruption,” Duterte said.

Rodrigo Roa Duterte is the current and 16th President of the Philippines. Frequently described as the populist and nationalist.

He was among the longest-serving mayors in the Philippines, serving seven terms for a span of more than 22 years in office.

Source: Politiko

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