Duterte slams Robredo over remark on accepting gifts: ‘Kung ikaw ang Presidente ng Pilipinas, patay’

Compiled photo of Vice President Leni Robredo and President Rodrigo Duterte (ctto)

President Rodigo Duterte on Tuesday strikes back at Vice President Leni Robredo after the latter criticized him for allowing government officials to accept gifts of ‘insignificant value’.

Earlier, Robredo rebukes Duterte over his controversial remark, saying that police officer should not accept gifts in accordance to Republic Act 6713 or the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees.

“I quoted the very words sa Anti-graft and Corrupt Practices. There is an exception there. Nominal. I used the word ‘nominal’ and out of gratitude. Alam mo, ang Pilipino ganun. Hindi man ako basta nagasumbong — mag-ano ng bunganga,” Duterte said Tuesday before recipients of the Outstanding Government Workers Award in Malacañang.

“Tapos si Leni talaga, kasi illegal and unconstitutional. Hay, sabi ko, ma’am, kung ikaw ang ma-Presidente ng Pilipinas, patay. You do not even read a book and that is a major policy.

“Yung… Magtanggap ka, that is a… Ngayon, kung you are able to solve a crime, tapos bigyan ka ng Mercedes-Benz, ah p***** i** ka, kalokohan na ‘yan. Ibig sabihin tinakot mo na ‘yung na-kidnap na, ‘ako na ang kikidnap (kidnap) sa’yo sunod. Mercedes…’,” the President added.

Last month, the President said that police officers should accept gifts and money as long as it came from the giver’s generosity.

“It is not bribery because it is allowed by the law. What I mean is if there is generosity and then sabi ng anti-graft you cannot accept gifts, kalokohan ‘yan,” Duterte said

“If you’re able to solve a crime and the family would like to be generous to you or nurture a feeling of gratitude for what you accomplished then you accept wala akong…but to us that is something,” he added.

Source: Politiko, Inquirer

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