Chinese woman opens airplane emergency exit door for a breath of ‘fresh air’

Photo courtesy of Fox News

A woman in China aboard a plane intentionally opened the emergency exit door  for “fresh air” which caused a flight to be delayed on Monday, Sept. 23.

All passengers of Xiamen Airlines plane in Wuhan that was soon to take off and head to Lanzhou when the incident happened, the South China Morning Post reported on Wednesday, Sept. 25.

The incident occurred Monday, Xiamen Air flight traveling from Wuhan city to Lanzhou was scheduled for departure at 3:45 p.m.

A cabin crew had advised passengers about emergency doors not to touch the button to open it, but one woman decided to do so despite the warning.

The unnamed woman who appeared to be in her 50's reportedly said, she felt the cabin was “too stuffy” and wanted “a breath of fresh air.” 

The woman was removed immediately from the plane for questioning by law enforcement, according to reports.

The said passenger may be charged with a fine for her actions, as opening the emergency exit on a plane is classified as disturbing public order.

Video footage of the incident became viral on social media gaining 18 million views in China.

Source: Inquirer

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