Chief Justice Bersamin defends Duterte’s anti-drug campaign: 'Don’t generalize EJK cases'

Chief Justice Lucas Bersamin photo from Inquirer (ctto)

Manila, Philippines - Chief Justice Lucas Bersamin on Wednesday prompted human rights groups/activists not to generalize criticisms in President Duterte’s anti-drug campaign that caused thousands of casualties due to extrajudicial killings committed by the police.
Bersamin emphasized that every criminal charge emerging from the anti-drug campaign deserves separate attention and cautioned against sweeping generalizations and solutions suggested by critics.

“Itong war on drugs, hindi pwedeng sabihin na lalahatin because each case has specific facts and backgrounds,” Bersamin told reporters.

The country's top magistrate said the court would continue to go after criminals, including corrupt policemen who violate the law, and added that the judiciary continues to work hand in hand with the executive department’s campaign against criminality.

You know we have always been very clear of police agencies as being held to task if they violate (the law). Ang problema kasi sa law on drugs is there are two sides, one the side of the government and the side of the victim or whoever gets killed in the action,” Bersamin added.

“These cases usually end up in court so we cannot make a total approach,” said Bersamin in a press forum, Wednesday.

Source: Politiko

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