SWS poll: Most Pinoys find freedom of speech 'very strong' under Duterte admin

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The majority agree that freedom of speech under President Rodrigo Duterte is “very strong”, according to the recent results of a Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey showed on Saturday.

The survey shows that more than half, or 59 percent, of Filipinos believe that they can speak "openly and without fear" even if it is against government.

The poll conducted from June 22 to 26 also states that the majority agreed to the statement: "I can say anything I want, openly and without fear, even if it is against the administration.”

Eighteen percent (18%) on the other hand, disagreed while 23 percent said they were undecided about the statement.

The survey yielded a net agreement score of +41, which was rated as ‘very strong’.

Compared to the +23 percent net agreement in December 2018, this poll results is higher by 18 points.

SWS survey also found that 51 percent of Filipinos agreed that printing or broadcasting anything critical of the administration is “dangerous” while 29 percent were undecided and 20 percent disagreed.

However, it appeared that 67 percent of those respondents affirmed that "mass media in the Philippines have freedom of speech, of expression and of press," while 10 percent disagreed and 23 percent were undecided.

Still the same, it gained a ‘very strong’ classification with a net agreement of +57.

Source: Inquirer

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