Mon Tulfo: Antonio Sanchez claims he's innocent, tags son behind Sarmenta-Gomez killings.

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Special Envoy to China Ramon Tulfo on Thursday (August 29) wrote in his Manila Times column, claimed that Sanchez pointed his own son, Allan Jun, as the mastermind of the Sarmenta-Gomez killings

In one of his unguarded moments inside the New Bilibid Prison, Sanchez told a prison official who befriended him that it was his son, Allan Jun Sanchez, who did the heinous crime.

The former Calauan, Laguna mayor still insists his innocence in the rape and killing of University of the Philippines students Eileen Sarmenta and murder of Allan Gomez in 1993.

Tulfo said Sanchez confessed to the prison official, whose identity kept secret for the moment, that Eileen Sarmenta was given to Allan Jun as a “gift” by his bodyguards.

He said the former mayor was trying to borrow money from the prison official to support his nurse whom he had impregnated.

“Sanchez told the prison official, whose identity I am withholding for the moment, that Eileen Sarmenta was given to Allan Jun as a ‘gift’ by his bodyguards. Allan Jun at the time had just finished studies in London and the bodyguards wanted to kowtow to him so they would become closer to his father,” he said.

Tulfo added that Sanchez despite being a wealthy ex-politician, he was forced to ask money from the prison official because his wife left him with all his wealth and "ran away with the family driver".

Sanchez went controversial once more after news reports of possible release despite being sentenced to seven terms of reclusion perpetua or imprisonment of up to 40 years, the public was outraged because of this.

However, President Duterte wants him to spend the rest his life in the National Penitentiary in Muntinlupa for the heinous crime even if he’s being recommended for parole by prison officials for good behavior.

Former senator Rene Saguisag also wrote in his August 24 Manila Times column, claimed Sanchez was innocent.

Saguisag said Sanchez wasn’t guilty of the Sarmenta-Sanchez killings even if he had done “countless sins and crimes.”

Tulfo added, Sanchez may have been innocent for that particular crime for which he was convicted, but the universe exacted justice on him for his other crimes.

Source: Politiko

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  1. If This is true, the PNP should start its investigation into the matter.