Erap and Isko reconciled: Erap supporters ask Manileños to move on too, 'Move forward na po tayo.'

Photo from former Mayor Erap Estrada's Facebook (ctto)

Manila, Philippines - A group of supporters of the former Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada appealed to the Manileños to unite and move on after the mayoralty race in the capital city last May.

The former leader lost to the younger but premiered politiko, and former vice mayor,  in the heavily disputed polls for mayoral position of Manila.

Erap made a statement after the election that he was surprised with the result of the election and he could not believe he lost. He also blames for using smartmatic in counting the ballots.

In a recent Facebook post of former Manila mayor Joseph Estrada said, that he and Mayor Isko 'Already Reconciled for the Sake of Manila; So Must We'.

“Incumbent Manila Mayor Isko Moreno reconciled with his former political ally Ex-Mayor Joseph Estrada for the sake of uniting the people of Manila for the cause of bringing back the Capital City’s former glory,” the post read.

“It is time we people of Manila, regardless of whom we supported last election, to also reconcile and move forward for the sake of Manila’s development, progress and the future of our children. Tapos na po ang election. Move forward na po tayo,” it added.

Source: Politiko

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