Duterte tags Karapatan as a communist front: 'Mga samahan kayo ng mga demonyo sa Pilipinas!'

Photo from Philippine Canadian Inquirer

President Rodrigo Duterte was really furious of the human rights group Karapatan as he claimed it is the front of the communist movement.

The Chief Executive also slammed the group saying he knew how the group operates since he used to deal with communist rebels when he was mayor of Davao City.

“Huwag ninyo akong lokohin kay galing ako diyan. Let us not, you know, I’ve been there. You know I’ve been there. “That Karapatan used to be known as the Nationalist Alliance for Justice, Freedom and Democracy. I was the chapter president there,” Duterte said in a speech in Davao City during the land titles distribution to beneficiaries

“And Karapatan is a front, just like our barangay captains are our legal fronts. Kayong mga Karapatan, mga samahan ng mga demonyo ng Pilipinas, mga… You know what you did in Negros, it did — is not just fighting,” he said.

Reportedly, the government tagged the New People’s Army as suspects in the killing of Cpl. Relebert Beronio, and Patrolmen Raffy Callao, Roel Cabellon, Marquino de Leon in Negros Oriental in July.

The president lamented that despite his effort to encourage the rebels to surrender and provide with livelihood for the returnees, many still continue spreading violence.

“Itong mga komunista, they are blaming the government for the killings, when actually you started the spate of murders there. Ang pinakamarami ng tama, the hardest hit, group of government men are soldiers, policemen and people who are openly for the government and mga barangay captain,”  Duterte said

“I will not allow you to do that. I will give you tit for tat. That’s my order to the military. Give them what they deserve. They are not fighting a conventional war. They are not obeying the Geneva Convention,” he added

Source: Abante

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