Sec. Locsin: Iceland can go to hell for insisting baseless resolution on human rights probe in the PH

DFA Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. photo from Interaksyon (ctto)

Manila, Philippines – Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. made a statement on his twitter account on a recent article where Iceland is insisting the Philippines to cooperate with the UN resolution to conduct human rights probe.

Locsin condemned Iceland and said they could go to hell for setting up human rights resolution to investigate the Philippines without studying all the facts first.

“Iceland can go to hell with its resolution condemning the Philippines with the odd admission it has yet to get the facts straight about the rights situation here. At this point, let’s drop any mention of Iceland; we are giving it an importance its dimensions do not warrant,” Locsin tweeted.

The Foreign Affairs chief is encouraging the public to disregard Iceland for they have no right meddling with our government.

This prompted the foreign affairs Secretary over the statement made by Iceland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday, "Icelandic authorities sincerely hope that the Philippine authorities will engage the UN on this and the resolution,"

Iceland also said it dealt with human rights concerns in the UN in a non-politicized way. They also assure a fair and straight to the facts inquiries, unlike what the administration’s accusation of other nations banking of "false narratives" regarding the human rights situation in the PH.

"For a small and peaceful country like Iceland, international law and the multilateral system is our sword, shield and shelter. Therefore, when Iceland became a new member of the Council last year, Iceland pledged to address human rights concerns objectively and, on their merits, in a non-politicised, non-selective manner," it said.

However, President Duterte had previously said he would allow the UN to engage in the human  rights probe, but withdrew his statement and said he will not subject himself to any foreign interrogation.

Source: Politiko, CNN PH

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