Nakakahiya! Robredo to Palace: 'Other states seem more concerned over PH killings'

Photo credit from inquirer (ctto)

MANILA, Philippines — Vice President Leni Robredo said on Sunday that it was shameful to know of the fact that other countries show more concern than most of our government officials with regards to the issue of killings due to drug war campaign in our country.

“Other countries are concerned about us. But here, it seems only a few are concerned. It’s like business as usual for everyone. Despite so many killings happening, it’s like nothing is happening,” Robredo, said in her weekly radio, “BISErbisyong LENI.”

“It seem embarrassing that it has to others who take notice, it has to be others showing they care, it has to be others showing their concern,”
she added.

Iceland recently submitted a draft resolution to the United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights Michelle Bachelet asking for a “comprehensive written report” on the human rights situation in the Philippines last Thursday July 4.

The resolution was signed by 28 countries. This made Robredo react and said how embarrassing for us not to take notice of the alarming issue.

The vice president also commented on the response of Malacañan to the draft resolution, saying that instead of taking the UN investigation into consideration, the Duterte administration consider the move as a form of obstruction.

Presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo said last Thursday, that any UN investigation on President Rodrigo Duterte’s drug war would be “interference with” Philippine sovereignty.

“We already made our stand, Any move that will interfere with the sovereignty of this country, the management of this country by a sitting President elected overwhelmingly by the people, to our mind is an interference with our sovereignty.”

But Robredo described Malacanang’s reaction as unusual. ”For example, if you’re being accused of something that’s not true, human nature dictates that you prove that the accusation is not true,” she said. “In this case, we are being accused. Instead of us showing that the accusation is not true, we are saying: ‘Don’t meddle with us.’”

Robredo said that international organizations would only want to extend assistance to the country who are unable to help itself. “If we don’t do anything, we will give the impression that we can’t stop [the killings],” she said.

“Maybe if we show that we can stop them, other countries would not have to step in. So all of us would really need to wake up because they have a feeling that we are not doing anything [about the problem].”  She added

 “It seems we have a lot of officials — not only national but also local officials — who act as if nothing is happening. It’s like they have become numb to what’s happening around them.” the vice president pertaining uncaring public officials.

Source: Inquirer

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