Hontiveros: No proof that Death Penalty will deter crimes. 'it's a MYTH!'

Senator Rissa Hontiveros photo from abs-cbn (ctto)

Manila, Philippines – Opposition Senator Rissa Hontiveros is objecting the proposal of reimposing the death penalty considering there is no guarantee that it can deter crimes.

Hontiveros said the death penalty is anti-poor and it will only victimize the poor and underprivileged member of the society.

“Death penalty as a deterrent to crime? A MYTH! There’s zero evidence to support this claim. It is anti-poor, w/ death penalty usually meted out against those who are poor & can’t afford good lawyers,” Rissa said on her Facebook post.

“If you want to lower crime, make sure drug lords, plunderers, & criminals are brought to justice & put behind bars,” she added.

“Kahit pa ilimita ang parusang kamatayan sa mga druglords at mandarambong, walang katiyakan na matutugunan nito ang problema sa droga at pagnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan. Oo, wala ngang mahirap na druglord pero hanggang baluktot at panig sa mayaman at makapangyarihan ang ating sistema, patuloy na makakalusot ang malalaking isda,” Hontiveros said in a statement on Thursday.

The lady senator suggested that a “sustainable solution” would be to fix the country’s justice and criminal system to ensure the fast and fair enforcement of laws. And to make sure that a suspected criminal will be arrested, prosecuted and condemned.

She also believes that the death penalty is a cruel, inhumane and degrading punishment, and little guarantee that innocent people would not be sentenced to death.

Source: Politiko

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