Former Manila Mayor Lito Atienza supports Isko vs Syndicates behind illegal vendors in Manila

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Manila, Philippines – Former Manila Mayor and Buhay party-list Rep. Lito Atienza said on Saturday that, Manila commercial centers were run by different criminal syndicates all over the city.

According to Atienza, different syndicates are behind the operation of illegal vendors in Manila’s commercial centers including those in Blumentritt, Carriedo, Avenida, and Divisoria.

“Manila’s commercial centers are all syndicated,” Atienza said on Saturday during the Forum at Annabel’s Restaurant in Quezon City.

“Iba yung Quiapo, iba yung Blumentritt, iba yung Carriedo, iba yung Avenida Rizal, iba ‘yang Divisoria,” he went on.

According to the former Mayor, Divisoria, which run by an “active syndicate,” is the “biggest money maker.”

Atienza’s announcement was because of the recent revelation of Manila Mayor Isko Moreno that he was offered a bribe of P5 million a day if he would stop his promise to get rid of illegal vendors in the national capital’s congested main roads due to illegal activities.

The former Mayor was also asked if what he did to stop the criminal syndicates during his time, he replied, that he together with his colleagues in LGUs “fought them to the nail every day.”

 He also added “As long as Isko’s working and fighting it out, it means they’re not yet getting bribes. Once they become silent and chaos returns, you can now conclude after hearing what I’m saying.”

“As long as Isko’s working and fighting it out, it means di pa sila tumatanggap,” he said. “Pag tumahimik at bumalik ang kaguluhan, you can now conclude after hearing what I’m saying.”

In an earlier statement, Estrada’s camp denied the allegation of Moreno that the previous administration may have pocketed bribed from illegal vendors.

However, Atienza reiterated that the mere fact of not having an improvement in the City only shows that there is corruption in the previous administrations.

The lawmaker also mentioned that should Moreno succeed during his term as the head of Metro Manila’s capital, he has a “good chance” in the national office.

“Mayor Isko, tigasan mo ang loob mo, magpakagaling ka at magbubunga ‘yang ginagawa mo,”

Source: Inquirer

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