Duterte orders closure of lotto, STL, Peryahan, Keno due to massive corruption

President Rodrigo Duterte (ctto)

President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday ordered all gaming activities operated by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO), which includes lotto, shutdown due to alleged “massive corruption” in the said agency.

The President, in a video posted by Malacanang on Facebook, lamented on how courts even allegedly got involved in corruption by issuing injunctions to stop the government from going after the masterminds of fraud activities.

Below is the complete statement of the President:

“Sa mga kababayan ko, magandang gabi po sa inyong lahat.

I have today ordered the closure, the stoppage of all gaming schemes sa... whatever nature, however done, that got the franchises to do from the PCSO. The ground is massive corruption involving all, pati the courts who repeatedly issued injunctions to paralyze government and to allow corruption to thrive.

Pending investigation, lahat ho ng laro ng lotto, STL, peryahan ng bayan, or whatever nature, there's one that yung gambling machine, Keno, I said all gaming activities. Yung gambling, that got the franchise from government through PCSO, are, as of today, suspended or terminated because of massive corruption.

Wala ako magawa. I have to do it. I will not honor transactions that are clearly on the side of, you know, scheming people, Republic of the Philippines, of the money due it. Puro dayaan lahat. At yung mga kontrata ay parang crafted in favor of corruption and to favor other corporations and people. I will not allow it.

As of today, I will not honor any, any order from any court stopping us or enjoin us to stop our desire to go into a massive investigation for the massive corruption that is existing in the PCSO.
Hinto lahat. That's my order.

Irrespective of the, yung mga sinabi ko na na court order enjoining everybody to stop or not to do or what not to do, especially government. Hindi ako papayag ng ganoon. And I said I will not honor anything there. Everybody has to stop. And I am ordering General Albayalde and the military to stop all these government-granted games which involves corruption. Lahat. Massive corruption.

I repeat, I am ordering the military and the police to stop all gaming--Lotto, STL, Peryahan ng Bayan, pati those machines that can be found anymore which is actually gambling.

If I were to give my sentiment about gambling, mas gusto ko mawala ito lahat. Kung meron naman, I will, maybe, confer with leaders of Congress muna.

I am... the order is grounded on the preservation of the resources of the nation.

Additionally, the information is given to everybody that since as of this moment, beginning now, the franchises and licenses of whatever kind or nature granted by the PCSO as in to all gambling schemes---Lotto, Peryahan ng Bayan, STL, and those machines there that can be found anywhere. I will give them 24 hours to remove them from the public places. Tomorrow, beginning tomorrow at sunrise, everything, all transactions and gaming, wager of bets, becomes illegal.

And as I said, I am ordering the PNP, PNP Chief Albayalde, to arrest anybody, and goes also for the military, si Madrigal, to arrest people engaged in gambling activities in connection with the franchises, licenses, concessions granted by the PCSO.

So it becomes illegal because as of today, all of those permits and concessions or whatever are terminated.

Talagang hiningi ninyo. Sinabi ko na nga walang corruption. Hinihingi talaga ninyo, ibigay ko sa inyo. You've offered something to tie the people, allowing gambling and maybe it can help in the economic activity because money goes around. But if you fuck government, that's something else. Talagang kayo ang nanghingi. Ibibigay ko sa inyo.

Thank you for listening.”

(credits to Henry Uri)

Source: Inquirer

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