Duterte: I will only face a trial in Philippine court, not to a Caucasian. "Justice is working here"

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte photo from Philstar (ctto)

Manila, Philippines - President Rodrigo Duterte announced on Wednesday that he is not open to answering to an international court if it involves any human rights in the country, he said he will face the Philippine court of law, but not to any international courts.

“I will only face, be tried or face a trial in a Philippine court presided by a Filipino judge, (and) prosecuted by a Filipino. And maybe they can reimpose the death penalty, (so I can) die in Filipino land,” Duterte said during a morning an interview over Pastor Apollo Quiboloy’s television program on Wednesday.

Recently, the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) adopted a resolution presented by Iceland on an inquiry of human rights abuses in the country under President Duterte’s war on drugs.

This decision of the UNHRC has triggered the President for a possibility of cutting ties with Iceland and to the whole UN organizations as well.

“I will not answer a Caucasian…You must be stupid. Who are you? I am a Filipino. We have our courts here. (Why) you have to bring me somewhere else? I would not like that. I have my country. It’s working, I know it’s working (and) justice is working here,” the President said.

The chief executive said can only time an international community can interfere in our domestic problem is in “when there is a total breakdown of justice in a country.”

Duterte also condemned the opposition party for “itching to go to trial.”

“I’d love to debate with them anytime. I may not be a well-renowned lawyer, but I’m a lawyer. They are lawyers who do not…lawyers who, ayaw nilang pumatay. Ako ‘yung lawyer kasi sa trabaho ko pumapatay ako. If nobody does it, who will do it for us?” he said.

Source: Inquirer

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