De Lima on Robredo's Impeachment threat, 'ang tunay na nagtaksil sa kanyang mandato ay si Duterte!'

Senator De Lima and President Duterte photo credit from abs-cbn (ctto)

Detained opposition Senator Leila de Lima is stunned that Vice President Leni Robredo is being threatened to be impeached because of her support for the United Nations resolution to probe human rights abuses under the Duterte administration brought by his anti-drug campaign.

Senator De Lima rejected the idea of “betrayal of public trust” as a ground for Robredo’s impeachment according to Philippine Anti-Crime Commission (PACC) Commissioner Manuelito Luna.

From her detention cell, De Lima made a statement thru her dispatch saying, "any self-respecting statesman” would support the UN Human Rights Commission’s resolution with the likes of Vice President Robredo.
“It should be what any President who has nothing to hide would also do. Ang tunay na nagtaksil sa kanyang mandato na protektahan ang mamamayang Pilipino ay si Rodrigo Duterte at ang kanyang administrasyon,” De Lima said in a statement.
The opposition senator also added that this issue of impeachment complaint to Robredo was just another diversion tactic of Duterte to avoid being scrutinized on his involvement in the thousands of killed in his anti-drug campaign.
"Nakahanap na naman ang administrasyon ng isa pang mouthpiece para pagtakpan ang patong-patong na kasalanan nila sa bayan. For his brownie points, Commissioner Luna is more than happy to be one, arrogantly warning the Vice President of the Republic to temper her statements on the human rights situation in our country, or else…,” De Lima added.

“Because the world has spoken once more, the Duterte regime is once again scrambling for a scapegoat for its lack of commitment to uphold human rights. VP Leni is on the receiving end of this dirty trick,” she said.

Source: Politiko

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