De Lima advises Duterte: Stop whining and Resign, 'Magpahinga ka na lang"

Senator Leila De Lima photo from Rappler (ctto)

Manila, Philippines - Senator Leila De Lima on Wednesday advised President Rodrigo Duterte to do what he has promised and just resign from his post just because he is tired.

"Mukhang pagod ka na Ginoong Duterte. Magpahinga ka na lang," Senator de Lima said in a statement.

"You cannot end your term fighting if there is no longer any fight left in you," she added.

It was arrested two years ago when De Lima, one the fiercest critics of Duterte's campaign against illegal drugs was detained for being involved in drug trafficking allegations.

For De Lima, hearing President Duterte’s 4th State of the Nation Address was “insufferable”. She can barely stand listening to all the whining.

She even disagreed on the President's order to push for the implementation of the death penalty and doubts about his so-called anti-corruption drive. 

"One does not fight corruption by whining, complaining and crying out to the plunderers to stop their corruption. . . . One does not achieve it by freeing and politically rehabilitating plunderers like the Arroyos and the Marcoses," Senator De Lima said.

"Corruption does not stop by simply telling the plunderers to stop. Neither is it stopped by reinstating the death penalty. It is stopped by prosecuting and jailing thieves in government, instead of freeing them," she added.

Source: tnt Abante

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  1. DU30 just wants to make sure that the maximum death penalty be implimented during his term...

  2. Absolutely yes to death penalty to all heinous crimes, drug lords, any drug related crimes, and all plunders above 5 million pesos, immediate hanging no appeals, straight to the gallow.