CIA boys nga ba? Tiglao alleged Carpio is a follower of Jose Almonte in spreading anti-China propaganda

Former Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio and Former National Security Adviser Jose Almonte photo from google (ctto)

Manila, Philippines - The former Cabinet Secretary of the Arroyo administration, Bobi Tiglao is insisting that the former Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio is an avid supporter of former National Security Adviser Jose Almonte in propagating the anti-China campaign.

“Carpio is deranged in his anti-China xenophobia, which I think he got from his ideological guru Jose Almonte, around whom so many rumors have been swirling for years over his deep connections with the US CIA (United States Central Intelligence Agency),” Tiglao mentioned in his Manila Times column

Almonte is a member of the Philippine Military Class of 1956 and retired Major General from the Armed Forces in 1986. He used to be assigned as an intel officer since 1962; went to Vietnam as a deep penetration agent in the Viet Cong;

He helped establish Philippines’ ties with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic in 1975; joined the Reform the Armed Forces Movement; a scoured world in search of Marcos’ hidden wealth; and led the dissolve of monopolies under the Ramos administration.

Tiglao has no doubts on President Rodrigo Duterte calling Carpio “Buang” after the former Senior Associate Justice lambasted the Chief Executive for insisting that China was free to fish in Recto Bank which was within the country’s exclusive economic zone.
However Tiglao said Carpio was not just your ordinary buang but not in a stupid way. He thinks Carpio was in a “diabolically devious” level of Buang.

“Maybe Duterte is right in calling Carpio buang if that term is used in its more precise meaning, which is ‘someone deranged, and possibly dangerous’.And Carpio is dangerous, for his skill in spreading disinformation’, Tiglao added.
“His criticism of Duterte is just another instance of his incessant propaganda to stoke anti-Chinese xenophobia using our territorial disputes with China, exploiting the respected pulpit of a Supreme Court justice,” he said.

Source: Politiko

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