Aquino not in favor of Death penalty, 'there would be no second chance, pano kung mali ang hatol? sorry na lang?'

Former President Benigno Aquino III photo from abs-cbn (ctto)

Manila, Philippines - Former President Benigno Aquino III disagree his successor President Duterte in the issue of bringing back the death penalty because our justice system is full of imperfections.
For Noynoy, our justice system is full of imperfections, and can lead to many injustices and biases that can lead to wrongful convictions.

In an interview with Eagle News, Aquino said keeping a convict alive would allow the government and the justice system to make adjustments in case the convict was a victim of unfair judgment.

“Napaka-imperfect ng ating sistema at yung death, permanent. Wala ka nang rectification. Pag nagkamali doon, wala na, tapos na, sorry. So kung hindi natin mape-perfect yun, palagay ko hindi tama yung pagkakaroon ng death penalty,” Aquino said.

The former President used to be in favor of the implementation of death penalty until he saw the lapses in our justice system when he was still a lawmaker.

He shared when he was a congressman from Tarlac, Aquino found out that lawyers from the Public Attorney’s Office handle as much as 35 clients each.

He revealed that some PAO lawyers resort to entering a guilty plea for their clients for the sake of convenience, in exchange for a lesser sentence instead of fighting for the person’s innocence because of the volume of cases, they handle at the office.
“May iba nagsasabi praktikal yun. May ibang nagsasabi, yung PAO hirap na hirap din. Pero sa dulo, kawawa rin naman yung tao. Kunwari inosente pero nakakulong,” he said.
The former President knew the advantage of having an advanced technology nowadays, it is way easier to discover of wrongful convictions in other countries. He said it is more likely to happen in the Philippines as well.

“So buhay ka pa, may tsansa ka pang makabawi, parang ang death penalty, patay ka na, ay sorry ha?” he said.

President Duterte reminded the Congress to pass the implementation of death penalty punishment for drug-related crimes and plunder in his SONA Monday (July 22).

Source: Politiko

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