All lies and spins! Political strategist breaks down Maria Ressa’s lies at London media forum

Compiled photo of Malou Tiquia and Maria Ressa from Facebook and South China Morning Post

Political strategist Malou Tiquia has a lengthy observation about the alleged lies of Rappler CEO Maria Ressa during the “Defend Media Freedom Conference” in London last week.

In a Facebook post, Tiquia noted at least three lies mentioned by Rappler’s chief executive officer in a question and answer portion with Canadian journalist Ezra Levant.

Nishant Lalwani, director for investments of American billionaire Pierre Omidyar’s Luminate group was also present and acted as the forum moderator.

At first, Tiquia said Ressa’s claim that Levant was a “proxy for Duterte” was clearly a spin.

“For someone who cries “democracy is dead” and “weaponizing the web”, look how she frames and primes.”  She added

Tiquia also claimed that Ressa has spread disinformation when she said Omidyar Network only owns five percent of Rappler’s stocks and that investors have no control over the company.

“The Constitution under Article XVI, Section 11(1) states: “The ownership and management of mass media shall be limited to citizens of the Philippines, or to corporations, cooperatives or associations, wholly-owned and managed by such citizens.”” Tiquia noted

“Clearly, the intent is not even a single percent. Not even negative control via PDRs.” She added

During the forum, Ressa stated that Omidyar only accounted for less than five percent of the $4.5-million investment that Rappler has.

Lastly, Tiquia said that Ressa also engaged in manipulative propaganda when she claimed that Rappler is winning the tax evasion cases.

If recalled, Rappler is facing 5 separate tax evasion cases before a Pasig court and the Court of Tax Appeals. 

While the Securities and Exchange Commission had revoked Rappler Inc’s license to operate in January 2018 over the same sale of PDRs.

Source: Malou Tiquia, Politiko

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  1. Maria Ressa Is a congenital liar.

  2. Aside from being a congenital lire, She is narcissistic and believes she is great, well that always go together!!! She is a menace and HATED by most Filipinos. Only the oligarchs, the LPs, and government destabilizers give her importance. She has done nothing good for the nation. Pathetic b*^ch!