After PDuterte's SONA revelation, AFP assures no coup plans against the President, 'He made our lives better'

President Rodrigo Duterte compiled photo from Philstar (ctto)

Cebu City, Philippines - According to Lieutenant General Noel Clement, Commander of the Armed Forces of the Philippines Central Command, The AFP is “loyal to the duly constituted authorities and the constitution.”

This was after President Rodrigo Duterte’s statement during his fourth State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Monday, July 22, that the military is free to take over the government.

The President mentioned the military a couple of times in his 1 hour and 34 minutes SONA.

Duterte also mentioned that he wanted to resign because he is not happy anymore. He is getting frustrated with how slowly things are progressing. He even made a revelation about the military, he said.

“Anytime, the Military said if you want to go out? If you want to take over… coup d’ état.  go ahead. Do not bring your armors. Do not bring your weapons here. Just call me and we will have coffee,”

The Chief Executive increased the salaries of soldiers, as well as the policemen, last year after he signed a joint resolution increasing the base pay of military, police and all uniformed personnel.

The resolution provides an increase in the base pay of candidate soldiers up to the rank of chief master sergeant in the military and their equivalent ranks in the other agencies.

AFP public affairs office chief Colonel Noel Detoyato said during the 2nd Anniversary of the Philippine Airforce:

 "We are all guided by our transformation road map and our soldiers have so much to look forward to in our modernization program that is 100 percent supported by the government," he said.

"Besides, we are better compensated than before and we have to give back by serving the Filipinos with all our heart."

Per Cebu Daily News (CDN) interview with Lt. Gen. Clement for the AFP’s comment on President Duterte’s statement.

Clement said the AFP definitely has no plans to stage a coup against President Duterte.

He said, the AFP fully supports the government’s program in eliminating armed groups and insurgent forces through the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC).

“It has been hampering the development of countryside so he wants to end it during his term para guminhawa buhay ng mga Pilipino (so the lives of the Filipinos will get better),” said Clement of the task force”. Gen. Clement said.

Source: CDN

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