Trillanes expressed concern on China's sinking of PH ship might escalate tensions in the WPS

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Manila, Philippines – Outgoing Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, asked for an independent investigation on the collision between Chinese ship and Filipino vessel in the West Philippine Sea.

Trillanes asked the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) to seek the International Maritime Organization (IMO) regarding the sinking of a Filipino fishing boat by a Chinese vessel last June 9.

The Chinese crew of the craft reportedly abandoned 22 Filipino fishermen at sea while their boat sank.

He has expressed worries over the incident that might aggravate the conflict between the Philippines and China in the disputed territory.

“This is a very alarming situation that could further escalate tensions in the WPS,” Trillanes said in a statement.

“Aside from the internal investigation of the PCG, I’m recommending to DFA Sec. Locsin that this incident be referred to the Maritime Safety Committee of the IMO since both the Phil and China are State parties to the IMO,” he said.

The senator, who was once assigned as the Philippines’ backdoor negotiator to China amid the territorial dispute in the West Philippines Sea, also appealed to authorities to shed light on what really happened.

But aside from the investigation of the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), Trillanes recommended to the DFA Secretary to elevate the incident before the Maritime Safety Committee of the IMO.

He noted that the Philippines and China are both state parties to the IMO.

This way, a dispassionate, independent and objective investigation would be conducted on the matter and its recommendations would be binding under international law,” he stressed.

DFA Secretary Locsin, on Thursday, said he has already filed a diplomatic protest on the incident.

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