Tom Villarin brands Duterte, Cabinet for selling out PH to China: Remember these faces!

Akbayan Rep. Tom Villarin and President Rodrigo Duterte / compiled photo from Facebook and BusinessWorld

Akbayan Representative Tom Villarin on Thursday called out President Rodrigo Duterte and and some of his Cabinet members for allegedly selling the Philippines to China.

In a report by Politiko, Villarin blatantly labeled the administration as traitors to the country as he showed outrage with how the President handled the issue concerning China over the West Philippine Sea.

“Remember these faces why we lost our sovereignty and who sold us out to China by their acts and omissions! For those who keep their silence, tell your children and grandchildren why you did not stand up when it mattered,”  Villarin said in a caption of a photo collage of Duterte alongside some of his Cabinet.

In a separate tweet, Villarin called Duterte a coward for not confronting China.

“What's at stake here is a maritime zone larger than the total land area of the Phils that Duterte is giving to China for a song. Tell me if this is not worth fighting for. Tell me who the real coward is if instead of confronting China he kills Filipinos demanding accountability!” he said

Villarin made a photo collage of the president together with Defense chief Delfin Lorenzana, former-Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol, Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Locsin, Trade Secretary Mon Lopez, and Senate President Tito Sotto meeting Chinese President Xi Jinping and his ministers.

photo collage from Villarin's Twitter post 

Source: Politiko


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  1. How empty is the nutshell of you tom villarin? You and your cohorts can fool some Filipino people especially those that are not educated and do not have access on the constitution and international laws, but you can fool us as most of us have a copy of our constition and international laws like UNCLOS. Now, can you explain who prescribed the 12NM territorial sea of all countries including the EEZ and rights of each country. In EEZ, can you explain the article 58 and article 87 of UNCLOS?

  2. How dumbfu#####k stupid idiot you are Tom Villarin. Isa kang mmentally dysfunctional heavily deluded schizophrenic. Ahahahahaha magpagamot ka muna gagong unggoy. Si amo mong baklang abnoy na sugapa at si Trililing ang nagbenta ng Pinas at hindi si Digong. Ulol. Isa kang asong may rabies kahol ng kahol ng walang kinakahulan. Gunggong inutil ka Tom Villarin. Supsupin mo na lng butas ng puwet kong puno ng tae. Gago. !