Resbak time? Police pulls out escorts for Erwin Tulfo, family and siblings after verbal blows vs. DSWD chief

Erwin Tulfo /Photo from CNN Philippines 

The Philippine National Police has withdrawn police security details of broadcaster Erwin Tulfo, his wife, and two of his siblings, says Philstar report.

The move comes after Tulfo delivered rants against DSWD Secretary Rolando Bautista for not granting him a phone interview.

On his radio show over the state-run dzRB, Tulfo threatened to slap Bautista and dunk his head in a toilet bowl should they meet.

According to reports, Baustista said he was unable to answer Tulfo’s call because he was in a meeting at that time with an ambassador.

PNP spokesperson Police Colonel Bernard Banac explained that two security personnel assigned to Tulfo will undergo regular debriefing, inspection and interview this week, as scheduled.

“The continuation of security detail will largely depend on the outcme of this regular review process and the revalidation of the level of threats against the protectees,” he said.

The recall of the journalist’s escorts came after Philippine Marines recalled security escorts of Tulfo's elder brother Ramon, a columnist and who is also President Rodrigo Duterte's special envoy to China for public diplomacy.

 Armed Forces spokesperson Brigadier General Edgard Arevalo said the two Marines recall was ordered since last year and it has nothing to do with Erwin's rant against Secretary Bautista.

In an interview with CNN Philippines Friday (May 31), Tulfo acknowledged that his rant against the former general went too far.

“I ask for an apology sa excessive ranting, ‘yung sobrang pagmumura at galit ay medyo nasobrahan nga. five minutes of ranting, I think that was too much… Pero ‘yung pagpupuna sa kanya na wala siyang ginagawa, na kailangan magtrabaho siya, it will stay. Hindi ko babawiin iyun, because wala sa lahi namin na binabawi ng commentaries namin about trabaho mo,” Erwin said.
Tulfo also maintained that his criticism of Bautista had basis. He believes that as a government official you owe an explanation to the public.

“Yung ‘Wala kang silbi,’ that I will not take back because ayaw niyang sumagot. Mga tao nag-aantay. Eversince maupo si Secretary Bautista sa DWSD, ni nungka hindi malaman ng mga tao ang plataporma niya o ano ang plano niya sa ahensya,” he said.

Source: Philstar, Politiko

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