Hontiveros on Panelo rejecting help on WPS ‘hit and run: Hindi lang bangka natin ang lumubog sa West PH Sea, kasama na din ang ating Soberenya

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With the recent incident concerning the Filipino fishermen and Chinese vessel in the West Philippine Sea, Senator Risa Hontiveros made a statement saying, this maritime incident concerns all Filipinos, not just Presidential Spokesman Salvador Panelo.
After Panelo rejected the lady senator’s advice on the matter, Hontiveros said the government should consider worthy suggestions on how to address the recent sinking of a Filipino ship by a Chinese vessel.

“Sec Panelo, the West Philippine Sea hit-&-run incident is not your personal problem. This isn’t advice on wardrobe, diet or interior design. It concerns us all. All suggestions on how best to respond should be welcomed & considered,” Hontiveros posted on her Twitter account.
Panelo earlier ignore Hontiveros’ advice to recall the country’s diplomats in China over the ship collision off Recto Bank. “We don’t need the advice of the good senator on that,” the Chief presidential legal counsel said.
The opposition senator stressed that if Duterte could order the recall of the country’s envoy and consuls in Canada over a dispute on garbage, he can do the same “to defend and secure the lives of our fisherfolk and the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

China has not commented yet on the incident even as Panelo did not see the need to summon Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Zhao Jianhua to explain his government's position.

"I think we don’t have to summon him. If he’s listening now, he should explain," Panelo said pertaining to Chiese Ambassador.

Hontiveros said a recall order should be implemented and remain in full effect until the Chinese government has identified the Chinese vessel, whether civilian or military, that collided with and sank the Filipino boat and explain its presence in the West Philippine Sea.

The Senator said the Chinese government should identify and punish the captain and the entire crew of the Chinese vessel who abandoned the distressed fisherfolk to the sea.

She added China should make a commitment that such incidents will not happen again in the future.

Source: Politiko

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