Foes no more! Lacson bares Nancy Binay offered Trillanes teaching job, plus more perks in Makati

Senators Nancy Binay and Antonio Trillanes / file photo from ABS CBN

Reelected Senator Nancy Binay has offered a new career path with extra perks for outgoing senator Antonio Trillanes IV.

Binay offered a teaching job to Trillanes at the University of Makati once he leaves the Senate.

The gesture was made public by Senator Panfilo Lacson as he lauded the lady Senator.

“Senate camaraderie at its best in the 17th Congress: Sen Nancy Binay offered graduating Sen Trillanes a teaching job at the University of Makati with 24-hr free parking at the Makati parking lot, plus free admission to the Ospital ng Makati and free burial in the Makati cemetery,” Lacson said in a tweet.

Then Binay responded with a picture image saying “Smile! Spread the love!”

Lacson also said that Binay is officially part of the “macho bloc” in the Senate following her gesture towards Trillanes.

“Sen Nancy, the macho bloc is unanimous in making you an adopted member. You just sealed it. Reconsideration is out of the question,” Lacson said.

Around four years ago, then vice president Jejomar Binay and Senator Antonio Trillanes IV were bitter political foes.

It was Trillanes who launched the Senate investigation on alleged corruption and unexplained wealth against Nancy’s father who was Makati mayor for 21 years.

Some believe this Senate probe helped shatter Binay’s dream to become president in 2016.
Both parties eventually agreed later on to set aside their differences while working as colleagues in the Senate.

Source: Politiko

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