Duterte to Japanese investors, donors: 'Your money is safe in my country, do not be afraid'

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe / photo via Philstar

During his four-day official visit in Tokyo, President Rodrigo Duterte has assured investors and donors that their money is safe in the Philippine government.

The President stressed his concentrated effort on fighting corruption as well as his economic reforms toward a workable business setting.

“Who wants investments? Who wants it? My country needs it. Now the investors, be it a Japanese, a Chinese, the first thing is: is our money safe? Well in my term, it is safe,” Duterte said during the 
25th Nikkei Future of Asia Conference last Friday in Tokyo, Japan.

“Is there no corruption? There is no corruption. I have killed all of them already. Some but not all,” he added, drawing laughter from his audience.

He also assured that he will be available “24 hours a day” to address concerns of investors should there be any.

“That is my promise, that is my guarantee. Your return of investment is yours. You can take your money anytime out. Do not be afraid. We will not stop you,” the Chief Executive said

He also noted the economic reforms under his administration, specifically the comprehensive tax reform program and policies designed to promote ease of doing business and competitiveness.

The President also said that the country is going on a massive infrastructure program to increase spending to five percent of the gross domestic product.

“In all these respects, Japan is a reliable, responsive and relevant partner. We value Japan’s recipient-driven approach to cooperation and development,” Duterte said

 “I am proud to note that our engagement with Japan is an exercise of responsible partnership. It is one that empowers rather than fosters dependency. It is underpinned by friendship and reconciliation, deepened through the years by mutual respect and understanding,” he added.

Some 26 agreements were signed by the President during his visit in Japan.

Out of the 26 deals, 19 are letters of intent to do business between Japanese and Filipino firms, while 7 are cooperation agreements, Secretary General of the Philippine-Japan Economic Cooperation Committee, says ANC report.

Source: Philstar

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