Duterte praises Marcos, Erap for stepping down rather than fight a mutiny: Gusto nyo ba si Chiquito? Bababa na ako!

President Rodrigo Duterte / file photo from GMA news

President Rodrigo Duterte admired former Presidents Ferdinand Marcos and Joseph “Erap” Estrada for stepping down rather than try to fight a coup backed by People Power revolution during their time.

Duterte said what the previous leaders did was the right thing to do as they should not fight back.

“Anyway, hindi pa man nangyari, I don’t want you to fight with your fellow soldiers and policemen kagaya ng ibang Presidente,” said Duterte in a speech addressing his Presidential Security Group. 

“Erap did it. Marcos did it. Tama ‘yon. Walang lider magsabi na mag-counterattack. G*** ‘yon. Tama ‘yung ginawa nila. Bumaba sila,” the President added

He said, there is no need for a mutiny, bringing of military tanks in the Palace; “Magkape lang tayo. Sabihin mo, ‘Rod, kailangan namin magkape sa iyo. Gusto namin ipalit si ano, si Chiquito.’ Eh ‘di sige kung gusto ninyo. Mamili kayo kung sino ang gusto ninyong lider,” 

“Kasi kung lider na hindi ninyo suportahan kagaya ko, kung ayaw ninyo ako, p***** i**, you tell me because I will not waste my time with you. And I can always go home and retire. Iyan ang totoo diyan,” Duterte added

“Kaya sabi ko talaga sa mga generals, ‘yan sila lahat, huwag kayo magpunta-punta dito sa Malacañan magdala-dala ng mga tangke de giyera,” he said.

“Ako, if I’m no longer needed or if I — kung ang tingin ninyo mas may mahusay pa sa akin? Go ahead. Let me know. We dispense with this dramatic sa mga tangke, tangke de giyera. Lumang tugtugin na ‘yan. Just let me know,” he added

ACT Party-list Rep. Antonio Tinio earlier said that there was more than enough basis to file an impeachment complaint against the President over the issue of the West Philippine Sea.

"There's more than enough basis for an impeachment complain so it's a matter of timing, of making a judgment whether it's the right time to file an impeachment complaint not just be immediately junked, that will move forward and that will have broad public support," he said.

Source: Politiko

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  1. Really mr. Antonio tinio...who will be the next president, leni Robredo?

    1. The #CatholicChurch hates most a leader who doesn’t bow down to their evil will.
      The evil will use all their resources to secure a downfall of people who would danger to their religious syndicates that controls the economy and everything in this world!

  2. Oppositions are just oppositions and they keep on opposing and will not stop finding ways to topple down President Duterte. After BIKOY, they found the China issue to be their best rallying ground. Oppositons are no longer as they meant to be. They are just new faces of rebels that will never stop until they can sit back to power.