Duterte dares US and other western nations to reclaim Spratlys: "Agawin na natin kung maagaw natin"

President Duterte compiled photo from google (ctto)

Manila, Philippines - President Rodrigo Duterte is sick and tired of hearing his critics about his lame excuse on handling the South China Sea dispute against China.

“Ito ang hamon ko, ang hamon ko sa America, Britain, France, mag-assemble tayo dito sa Palawan tapos diretso na tayo doon sa Spratlys. Agawin na natin kung maagaw natin,” the President said during the anniversary of the Presidential Security Group.

“Ah kung maubos tayo lahat… Sabihin nila, ‘Duterte is not protecting the interest of the Filipino’. You’re a g****** s***. You want me to put the lives of 110 million Filipinos by going into trouble? Gusto mo ipusta mo ‘yang…,” he added.

Duterte emphasized that he was not afraid of China, It’s not that I’m not scared but if they want, they can invite others because we really don’t have a chance against China and their numerous arms.

“Para maintindihan ninyo ‘yung galit ko. Hindi ako sa hindi natatakot, kung gusto nila, sabi ko nga mag-imbita sila, kahit hindi naman talaga natin kaya ‘yang put, karami ng armas diyan ngayon,” he added.

“Kung gusto nila, sabi ko nga, mag-imbita sila kay hindi naman talaga natin kaya ‘yang — p*** karami ng armas diyan ngayon. Sabay-sabay kami,” Duterte said.

“Sabay-sabay kami. Ako, si Trump, diyan sa deck. Teleskopyo, malapit na tayo. ‘Pag sumabog tayong apat eh ‘di okay lang, eh di tapos na ang… It’s not the time to go to war. Eh kasi hindi… Reality, that’s geopolitics, (We will go there together, including me and Trump at the deck, looking through the telescope. If the four of us die from an explosion, then it’s alright),” he added.

Duterte cited the US, with its superior naval fleet, could stop China from claiming an “entire ocean” but did nothing when China started building facilities in the South China Sea. China has claimed almost the entire South China Sea during the Aquino administration.

“America, who was the only power at that time who could stop it, never lifted a finger. Iyan ang totoo. Nandito man tayo lahat (That’s the truth, we all know that),” he said.

“Dumating ang panahon that China became a great power and had an arsenal comparable to any western power now. If not could rival or already in parity, tabla na sa America,” Duterte added.

“And that is why – I just said the geopolitics – ang western power hanggang overflights lang sila pati padaan-daan. But they cannot confront China directly na mag-istambay sila diyan at sabihin nila ‘walang may-ari nito’,” he said.

Source: Politiko

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