Drilon saddened on cancellation of diplomat passports: Looks like we’re taking China’s side

Senator Franklin Drilon / photo from Bombo Radyo

Nagpahayag ng pagka dismaya si opposition senator Franklin Drilon matapos i-cancel ang diplomatic passports para sa mga dating government officials.

Ayon kay Drilon, mas mukha umanong kinakampihan pa ng gobyerno ang China.

“I am saddened by that act because mukhang kinakampihan pa natin ang China. I am saddened by that action,” aniya sa isang interview nitong Lunes.

“But China is a sovereign country and has the right to exclude anyone from its territory. That’s the prerogative of a sovereign nation in the same manner that we have the prerogative to bar the entry of anyone,”  Dagdag pa ni Drilon

Ayon sa Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) kamakailan, cancel muna lahat ang courtesy diplomatic passports, ito ay matapos ma-deny and ma-hold sa Hong Kong ang dating Foreign Affairs Secretary na si Albert del Rosario.

“The DFA Office of Consular Affairs (OCA) will be issuing an order shortly, canceling all courtesy diplomatic passports, and requiring their surrender for physical cancellation,” pahayag ng DFA nitong weekend

“The practice of issuing courtesy diplomatic passports to former DFA Secretaries and ambassadors shall henceforth be discontinued,” dagdag pa nito

Source: Inquirer

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