De Lima joins calls for UN probe on EJKs, human rights violations in PH

Senator Leila de Lima  / photo from Inquirer

Detained opposition Senator Leila de Lima on Monday joined the call from human rights experts in urging the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to conduct investigation about the extrajudicial killings as well as other human rights violations under President Rodrigo Duterte.

De Lima, a known fierce critic of the President said she is one with the human rights community in calling for an independent investigation into the human rights abuses done under the Philippine government’s all-out war on drugs.

She also lamented how Duterte allegedly refused to address reports of such violations and abuse of police forces.

“Amid persistent calls by human rights watchdogs and international organizations to finally put an end to the killings and abuses in the country, the murders pursuant to Mr. Duterte’s war on drugs continue, with only a few cases investigated, prosecuted, and handed out convictions,” De lima said.

“I fully concur with the 11 UN experts that the United National Human Rights Council must take concrete actions to address the human rights crisis in the Philippines by setting up and dispatching urgently an independent investigation into the unlawful and unresolved killings in the country,” she added.

“Thousands of Filipino lives were unjustly taken, and the President and his allies remain unperturbed. Worse, they always readily dismiss efforts by international forces to solve and put an end into the extrajudicial killings in the country as another political interference, if not destabilization plot,” the senator pointed out.

Last September 5, 2018, De Lima reportedly sent a formal communication to the UNHRC to request for the creation of an international independent fact-finding mission as an urgent move in what she called as the human rights crisis in the Philippines.

She highlighted the need of “international solidarity” in order to protect humanity.

“Even just on the aspect of extrajudicial killings in the so-called drug war, which has already claimed the lives of more than 20,000 mostly poor Filipinos, no prompt, genuine, thorough, and effective criminal investigation has ever been launched by the authorities in the Philippines, she said in her letter.

“I fully concur with the observation of many leaders in Philippine civil society and international human rights groups that the UN Human Rights Council must take concrete and sustainable forms of action such as the setting up of an independent international investigation,” she added.

Source: Politiko

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