Congress freezes renewal of ABS-CBN franchise

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MANILA, Philippines — The ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal has been frozen by the House of Representatives. The bill has been frozen which seeks to renew the legislative franchise of the said network giant.

The Kapamilya franchise will expire in nine months or on March 20, 2020. They have to renew the franchise in order to continue its operation.

The bill would have to be re-filed at the start of the 18th Congress on July 22, since the Committee on Legislative Franchises of the 17th Congress failed to submit it before it adjourned its third and last regular session yesterday.

A key member of the legislative franchise committee said no action on any bill seeking to renew the ABS-CBN franchise would be taken as long as President Duterte has complaints against the network.

“They have to thresh out and resolve their issues with the President. That’s the key to get the bill moving,” said by one of the lawmaker

President Duterte has repeatedly criticized ABS-CBN for allegedly refusing to run his advertisement during the 2016 election campaign and showing instead an ad critical of him which his staunch critic, Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, paid for.

In November last year, he said he would object to the station’s franchise renewal.

The President has criticized not only the Lopez network, but also other media organizations critical of him as well.

Unlike ABS-CBN, the legislative franchises of its rivals have already been renewed. 

President Rodrigo Duterte is reportedly against the franchise renewal of ABS-CBN because of the latter’s alleged bias against him.

There are speculations that the  Lopez-owned broadcasting firm is strengthening its online service in preparation for that possibility.

Source: KAMI

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