Alejano came to the rescue of Robredo: “Locsin, natokhang na din ang pag-uugali!"

Outgoing Magdalo Party-list Rep. Gary Alejano photo from google (ctto)

kManila, Philippines – Outgoing Magdalo Party-list Representative Gary Alejano came to defend Vice President Leni Robredo against Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Locsin for calling her “Boba”.

Alejano was frustrated and lambasted the DFA Chief for what has Locsin said to the Vice President. He used to see Locsin as an intelligent and well-respected man before he became part of the Duterte’s Cabinet members.

“Locsin is the classic example of the erosion of our values as a people. Duterte has succeeded in bringing out the worst in this man and to many in this country,” Alejano said.

“They are a potent poison to the minds of our children. Natokhang din ang ating pag-uugali. Palakpakan!” he added

The DFA Secretary said on Monday, blasted Vice President Leni Robredo and called her ‘boba’ (stupid) over a comment she made on the cancellation of diplomatic passports of former foreign affairs secretaries.

In her weekly radio show, “BISErbisyong Leni,” Robredo expressed her views on the cancellation of the diplomatic passports of former foreign affairs secretary Albert Del Rosario, who was barred from entering Hong Kong last June 19.

“Ang reaksyon ng bansa natin imbes na ipagtanggol iyong mamamayan ng Pilipinas, parang sinisi pa at kinancel (Our country’s reaction is to throw blame and cancel [the diplomatic passport]),” Robredo said.

Locsin, however, said all courtesy diplomatic passports were canceled so as not to “single out Del Rosario.”

“Hey boba, that is precisely why I have ordered the cancellation of all courtesy diplomatic passports because I refuse to single out Del Rosario,” Locsin posted on Twitter.

“Will someone please do her the kindness to give her a brain? Here I am trying to do what’s right, which is to restrict diplomatic passports to real existing working diplomats so as not to devalue them abroad—and not pass them out as favors to retirees and friends,” he added.

Following his comments, Locsin said he does not mean to be disrespectful.

“I don’t mean to be disrespectful Ma’am, you are just a missing heartbeat away from the Presidency. I respect you for that accident of fortune. But there are things that require a measure of study & thought. Please ask me next time. At your service, Ma’am,” Locsin said in a later tweet.

Source: Politiko

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