Trillanes hits Duterte, spokesman: “Panelo’s long press release betrays his and Duterte’s obsession about me.”

Compiled photo: Sen. Antonio Trillanes, Presidential Spokesman Salvador Panelo and President Rodrigo Duterte (ctto)

For Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo and President Rodrigo Duterte seem both obsess with him.

According to The Manila Times report, Trillanes said: “Panelo’s long press release betrays his and Duterte’s obsession about me.”

“While I’m supposed to feel good knowing that I have successfully gotten under their skin, but coming from somebody like Panelo, it somehow feels creepy,” he said

Trillanes’ statement came after Panelo said the senator’s “greatest service to the nation” was his “mandatory exit” from the Senate, referring to the end of the senator’s term.

“While many will wish Mr. Trillanes good riddance as he is about to leave the hallowed halls of the Senate at the end of June of this year, we will instead wish him luck as he faces another prospect of being placed behind bars again as the self-confessed black propagandist turns against his master, even as his victims look forward to seeing the Senate, or better yet the government, without the cantankerously obnoxious coup plotter,” Panelo had said.

“should first address the serious allegation pointing to him as the mastermind and in conspiracy with certain political leaders identified with the opposition of the unlawful plot to topple the Duterte administration.” he added

Panelo’s long statement was issued after Peter Joemel Advincula or a.k.a. Bikoy implicated the senator and the Liberal Party in the release of the “Ang Totoong Narcolist” videos against Duterte family and some of the President’s allies linking them to illegal drug trade.

Advincula had claimed that he was promised P500, 000 to play the “Bikoy” role and execute the Project Sodoma – the plot to oust Duterte and discredit former Presidential aide Bong Go who was a senatorial candidate at that time.

He alleged Trillanes was working on a deadline to remove Duterte and install Vice President Leni  Robredo before the end of his senatorial term, June 30.

Meanwhile, Trillanes, Robredo, and LP have denied the allegations made by Advincula.

Source: Manila Times

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