Samira Gutoc slams Jay Sonza: Jokes about me won’t resurrect your dead journo career

Senatorial candidate Samira Gutoc and former journalist Jay Sonza / composite photo from Philstar and Google

Manila, Philippines – Otso Diretso senatorial candidate Samira Gutoc strikes back at former broadcaster Jay Sonza after the latter asked whether she has mental problems.

Gutoc said any jokes that Sonza would throw at her will not resurrect his dead journalistic career.

“Rape jokes, PWD jokes, they come from the same monster.  I will not stand idly as you make disability a laughing matter. How far you fell from grace, and you think you can still joke your way into relevance?” Gutoc said in a tweet on Wednesday

“I am sure it will not resurrect your dead journalistic career,” she added.

Gutoc’s remark came after Sonza’s tweet last Sunday, after a televised debate for senatorial candidates.

“Question lang. May diperensiya ba si Samira Gutoc?  Iba klase kasi ang dating niya tuwing magbubukas siya ng bibig,” Sonza said

Source: Inquirer

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  1. Totoo naman yung sinabi ni Jay sonza. Mayabang talaga itong gutoc n ito