President Duterte admired by Japanese people for his strong political will and tough leadership

President Duterte and Prime Minister Abe / Photo from Nikei Asian Review

Tokyo, Japan – Despite being controversial to others especially when it comes to the manner of speaking, vulgar language and contentious jokes, Japanese are very fond of our beloved President Rodrigo Duterte, according to the Philippine Envoy to Japan.

As a matter of fact, this was the reason President Duterte was invited as one of five state leaders to deliver a keynote address at the 25th Nikei Conference on the Future of Asia on Friday, May 31, Tokyo, Japan, according to Philippine Ambassador to Japan, Jose Laurel. This is his third trip to Japan since he assumed office in 2016.

The Nikkei Conference on the Future of Asia is an annual meeting that gathers government and business leaders to share their respective assessment of Asia’s prospects and their ideas as to the direction Asia should chart for itself.

“[I]t’s not [Japanese Prime Minister] Abe [Shinzo] alone — it’s the Japanese who are themselves fascinated by his government,” Laurel added. Despite being described as “controversial” by foreign news reports, Laurel said he believed the Japanese found him “interesting.”

Other keynote speakers invited are the leaders from Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia and Bangladesh to discuss, determine and assess their nations’ development.

The President is scheduled to arrive in Tokyo on Tuesday night, on the second day of the Japan conference set on May 31. He will also be meeting the Filipino community there.

Laurel mentioned during media interview, the Japanese have “always [been] fascinated with leadership that is recognized [and] affirmed by their own people.”

Duterte’s leadership “at the same time, [comes with] tremendous political will insofar as his programs are concerned. So he is not controversial but interesting. He’s in a different class for the Japanese.” Laurel added

The Japanese “are also looking at national leaders, particularly in this region, in this era, and that [is what] tips the relationship between Japan and the Philippines,” He mentioned.

Ambassador Laurel even described the diplomatic ties between the two nations under the Abe and Duterte administrations as a “golden era.”

“You know our relationship is tremendously on the upscale. To be very straightforward [about it], we do not have any problem here,” Laurel said.

On the other hand, President Duterte may not have a chance to meet the new Emperor Naruhito during his stay in Tokyo. Laurel clarified that the emperor must be enthroned first before other world leaders can see him. A ceremony is set to be neld in October this year.

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