People can sense it! Duterte: My father told me you can’t fake public service

President Rodrigo Duterte / photo file from Philstar

President Rodrigo Duterte seems to have so much respect for his late father as he shared one of the biggest lessons he learned from him.

During a speech in Bohol, Duterte said he learned to embrace public service from the former Davao governor.

“I remembered my father. Jun (Evasco). When we were young, while we were having lunch or dinner, I would brag and say, ‘Ah ako, when I grow up I want to be a mayor’. Our father would chastise us and say, ‘Do not try to look beyond. What you should do is to get a good education’” the President 

“He said, ‘If you are going to enter politics, make sure that you really love serving the public. It would be very difficult if you enter that just to brag about how good you are. The people will be able to sense that… What you need is to truly love public service,” he added.

Loving public service genuinely was the reason why he has never lost an election in his life; “Maybe that’s how much the people love me. It’s not a pretended feeling. The people can sense it,” 

“If you make the effort to shake their hands and… The people can sense it especially if you just sit there doing nothing but wait for the next election. People are not stupid. Even the poor can understand,” President Duterte added

Source: Politiko

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