Mariel Padilla shares how she witnessed President Duterte's kindness during his thanksgiving dinner

Robin and Mariel posed with President Duterte with Honeylett during the dinner event on Tuesday / photo from Marie\s Instagram 

A handful of celebrities attended a Thanksgiving dinner hosted by President Rodrigo Duterte and his common-in-law wife Honeylet AvanceƱa on Tuesday, May 7 at the MalacaƱang Palace.

Among those who attended the dinner are Robin Padilla and his wife, TV host Mariel Rodriguez, Richard Gomez, Phillip Salvador, and singer Chad Borja. Senatorial candidate Freddie Aguilar was also present at the dinner.

In her Instagram post, Mariel shared some photos taken during the event, captioned with a lengthy narration of what happened during the thanksgiving dinner.

The It's Showtime host shared she was touched with the President’s kindness.

According to her, Pres. Duterte really waited for the food of her husband, Robin Padilla, who offered his food to Freddie Aguilar's wife, Jovie.

"My favorite moment of the evening that made me admire our President even more... the filet mignon was wrapped in bacon so in advanced the kitchen staff prepared fish for Robin and I. When our fish arrived Senatorial candidate Freddie Aguilar and his wife, Jovie, wanted fish as well because they are Muslims too. Robin being the gentleman that he is, gave his fish to Jovie so she could eat ahead."

"The whole table was prompted to eat all except for Robin, Ka Freddie and PRRD." "He said “sige kumain na kayo hintayin ko si Robin” and he really waited for Robin’s food to arrive. I know maliit na bagay but diba it’s the little things that matter. Super nakakatuwa at nakaka touched talaga."

"Yung loyalty ni Robin kay President ay hindi sayang because it is reciprocated with kindness. Truly a memorable evening!!!" she said in her post

Source: KAMI

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