Laglagan na! Anti-Duterte Blogger Rodel Jayme to be charged with 'inciting sedition'; Magdalo ties probed

Rodel Jayme and screen-capped photo from Bikoy's video / compiled photo from Twitter and Google

Manila, Philippines – An anti-Duterte blogger named Rodel Jayme underwent inquest proceedings before the Department of Justice (DOJ) today, May 2, after the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) recommended filing “inciting to sedition” charges against him.

Jayme had been earlier identified as the beneficiary of the Ad Sense account by a number of online personalities. He was allegedly the source of the video featuring alias “Bikoy”, the hooded-man who slandered the Duterte family including the President’s minor daughter.

According to NBI’s report submitted to the inquest prosecutor, the investigation showed the first uploader of Bikoy’s video was a Youtube account under the name “Ang Totoong Narcolist”.

It was later on posted and shared by different social media sites namely: Pinoy Ako Blog, Change Scamming, Metro Balita, Madam Claudia and What the Fact Blog.

Confiscated from Jayme includes a mobile phone, desktop computer and Sky Cable billing statement.
Upon the scrutiny of the devices, it was found that Jayme’s Facebook account was still logged in and some conversations were recovered.

In a conversation between Jayme and a certain “Maru Nguyen”, Jayme was told  “Baka kausapin ka ng Magdalo”.

A name “Filmore” was reportedly mentioned during the conversation and was allegedly a member of Magdalo, who said the goal for uploading the video is to gain international attention.

“Jayme and his cohorts did not just share/like the videos. Instead, the posting is a concrete effort (not merely a statement of opinion) directed to a more complicated result,” the NBI said

Source: Politiko

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