Konting hintay na lang! Palace tells Trillanes: Good luck with possible jail time after ‘Bikoy’ revelation

Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV/photo from Kahimyang 

Manila, Philippines - Malacañang on Friday wishes outgoing Senator Antonio Trillanes IV good luck with possible jail time after Peter Joemel Advincula or Bikoy’s revelation.

Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo said Trillanes will be doing a “greater service” to the country with his forthcoming exit from the Senate.

“Mr. Trillanes’ greater service to the nation is his mandatory exit from the Senate where he distinguished himself as a destroyer of reputations of people, including causing the self-extinction of a gentleman military officer whom he disrespected and humiliated before the nation,” Panelo said in a statement

“While many will wish Mr. Trillanes good riddance as he is about to leave the hallowed halls of the Senate at the end of June of this year, we will instead wish him luck as he faces another prospect of being placed behind bars again as the self-confessed black propagandist turns against his master, even as his victims look forward to seeing the Senate, or better yet the government, without the cantankerously obnoxious coup plotter,” Panelo added

These tirades from the Palace against the opposition senator came after Advincula, the man who claimed to be the hooded man on videos linking the first family to the illegal drug syndicate, later on claimed that it was Trillanes and the Liberal Party who are allegedly conspiring to oust President Rodrigo Duterte.

Earlier, Trillanes, on the other hand accused the President of using former convict Advincula.

“Ayan ka na naman. Hindi ka pa nga nakakabawi sa kapalpakan mo dun sa inimbento mong offshore bank accounts na bintang mo sa akin, pati na rin dun sa mga sinabi mo laban sa Nanay ko, tapos may bago ka na namang bintang,” the senator said in a statement.

“This time, si Bikoy naman ang source mo. Henyo ka talaga, Duts,” he added.

Source: Philstar

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  1. Yahooooooooooo at last not far from now this deplorable vile, wretched, scummy despicable, revolting, reptillan, loathesome,discreditable, squalid, reprehensible, mean, nasty termite of the house of senate for 12 years has not done even a miniscule contribution to the country but became from the beginning to be mentally dysfuntional heavily deluded hypocrite obssessed with his ambition to become president of the philippines REGARDLESS WHAT. ! YOU ARE DOOMED TO DIE IN PRISON STELA TRILILING SOON.. MAY YOU MEET SATAN SOON. Gosh how I hate and detest this termite Sonny Stela Trillanes .

  2. Mr. Trillanes, alam mo kahit five years old na bata kayang alamin kung sino ang nasa likod ni Bikoy. Ikaw kasi, pinipilit mong totoo yong nasa isip mo against the President. Halatanghalata ka tuloy. Mula kay Motabato, issues about drugs sa mga anak ni Presidente, Bank accounts ni President Duterte, itong lahat pinagsamasama mo at gumawa ka ng isang Bikoy. Tapos ngayon sabihin mo nagbintang sa 'yo si Presidente? Lahat ng issue na sinsasabi ni Bikoy ay sinasabi mo na noon pa bago si Bikoy. Mag isip ka nga! Pinagbintangan ka ba?

  3. Concerned Pinoy well said. We are on the same page. In Stella's statement he did not know that he was confirming Bikoy's allegation that a certain priest (I forgot his name) brought and introduce him (Bikoy) to Stella who can help Bikoy's financial problem pero Stella twisted this part by saying that Bikoy gave Stella his documents against PRRD's family for Stella to vet the documents and Stella said that he did not do anything about the documents because it did pass his vetting process. Hoy Stella huli ka na. Seguradong mabulok ka sa kulongan. God is good dahil Stella spit it out unknowingly that the 3 of them (Stellla, Bikoy, and a certain priest) had meet 9 months ago before Bikoy came out in the open confessing that Stella and LPs are the brain behind the Bikoy video inciting people to revolt against PRRD and fake VP will be the President by default and Stella will be picked by the default President as her new VP. Wow ang galing ng plana nila but thanks God the truth came out for people know who are the real evil in politics trying the destroy our country next to their personal interest.