Duterte hits Trillanes for allegedly 'spreading lies': Kung mayor lang ako, buhos ko ‘yang kape sa mukha mo!

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and President Rodrigo Duterte / composiite photo from Rappler

During a campaign sortie earlier, President Duterte has warned the public about soldiers who venture into “military adventurism”.

The President also hit outgoing Senator Antonio Trillanes IV for allegedly using his high position in the government to spread lies and said he is ready to face the latter.

“Patapang-tapang — dinadaan mo sa tapang. Akala mo naman, tatlo ‘yung bayag mo. Eh abnormal ka kung ganun. You are no braver than your… Adre, pareho lang tayo,” said Duterte in a speech in Pasig City.

“Any time, any time, any time ako. I am ready to go. I’m 74,” he added.

The former Davao City mayor said the only thing that is stopping him from confronting Trillanes is his status as President.

“Kung hindi lang ako…Kung na-mayor lang ako, pupuntahan kita sa bahay mo. Buhos ko ‘yang kape mo sa mukha mo. Totoo,” he said

The President had accused the Magdalo group of being behind the video series entitled “Ang Totoong Narcolist”, linking his family to drugs, even his minor daughter Kitty.

“Eh ‘yang kabobohan, just because you are a graduate of what? PMA (Philippine Military Academy)?…Soldiers who are also idiots and who think that because they are soldiers, they know better than you at kung ano ang pinaggagawa…Lumabas na ngayon ‘yang Bikoy na ‘yan. At kung ano ang paninira nila, pati anak ko,” said Duterte

In other countries, Duterte also said some military rulers have enriched themselves while in power.

“In Africa, and they stay there for five years and they become billionaires overnight and you have to have a hard time removing them. Has to take international action. Papasok ang America, UN, just to (overthrow them),” he said.

Source: Politiko

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