Don't anger women like Sara! Duterte says daughter threw a tantrum ‘like Hitler’

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio / photo from ABS CBN

President Rodrigo Duterte warned against angering women like his daughter Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte.

During a campaign sortie in Bohol last Wednesday, the President talked about his daughter who is of German descent, says Politiko report.

President Duterte said her Mayor daughter could threw a tantrum like Hitler.

“My wife and I are separated too. No, it’s true. She’s Inday’s mother, my first wife, the one with the German features. Don’t underestimate a German. It’s not just the features, but their attitude, the attitude of a German. I was no longer surprised when she threw a tantrum like Hitler. Delikado,” the Chief Executive said in his speech.

Duterte earlier said that his former wife, Elizabeth Zimmerman, the mother of Duterte-Carpio, is a descendant of an American Jew.

He also shared that Duterte-Carpio even lowered the curfew in Davao City after his term.

“Noon alas-dos, binaba ko ng ala-una. But when this female dictator was elected, she set the curfew at 12 o’ clock. But the young ones kept on complaining about it. So she said, “If you keep on complaining, I’ll change it to 10 o’clock.” So everyone stopped complaining. Pero para nako, that’s — well I do not want to comment on my daughter’s policy for after all when I was there, I did not also enjoy being criticized,” President Duterte said

Source: Politiko

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