Samira Gutoc 'expects' Otso Diretso to finish below top 12 in Senatel race: 'They are more advantaged'

Civic leader Samira Gutoc / photo from Philstar

Marawi civic leader and opposition senatorial candidate Samira Gutoc said on Wednesday that she expects Otso Diretso to finish below the top 12 in the Senate race this coming mid-term election.

Gutoc, however, said that her statement was not an admission of defeat, saying that opponents are more advantaged.

 “It’s expected. Hindi po kami aakyat sa 12,” Gutoc told reporters, according to ABS CBN report

“It’s not resignation. What I mean is [they are] more advantaged in finance, more advantaged sila in machinery,” she said.

Gutoc also alleged that some candidates were giving out P200 for each person who would attend their campaign sorties.

“I am talking with credence that you are paying people to be in your campaigns, to be in your crowds,” she said without dropping names.

“I got that information from the ground. Government employees are forced to attend,”  Gutoc claimed.

The Otso Diretso slate earlier disclosed that they are operating on limited finances and resources as most donors were afraid to associate themselves with politicians who criticize President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration.

Source: ABS CBN

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