Duterte points to Trillanes, ‘yellows’ as masterminds behind video linking Pulong to drugs: Paulit-ulit na yan!

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and President Rodrigo Duterte / composite photo from Rappler

President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday points at Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and 'Yellow' as the mastermind behind the video exposé circulating on social media detailing the alleged involvement of his son Paolo Duterte to illegal drugs.

“Well, that is a propaganda that has been repeated all the time. Alam mo — alam ko propaganda na ‘yan. I was told. Eh pabalik-balik na ‘yang… I assure you, we are not into it,” the President said in an ambush interview in Palawan as reported by the Inquirer.

“Yellow ‘yan, pati spearheaded by… So hinahayaan ko na lang ‘yan si Trillanes because that is — that has become his passion. Hindi na ako pumapatol sa ano,” Duterte added.

A video has circulated on social media linking presidential son as one of the “principals” of a drug syndicate who allegedly received millions of kickbacks from the group.

A certain “Bikoy,” claimed that he was a former member of a large drug syndicate. He also alleged that the younger Duterte has a dragon tattoo on his back.

He said that the dragon has the alphanumeric code “ALPHA TIERRA-0029,” which supposedly matches one of Paolo’s code names in his list of recipients of drug money or TARA.

Meanwhile, former Davao City vice mayor denied the allegations against him.

Source: Inquirer, Politiko

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  1. "And now, the end is near, andso I face the final curtain". "My friend I'll state it clear of which I'm certain". Ilang tulog na lang, Balik ka na sa iyong kulungan...