Bilib! Veteran director lauds Bato Dela Rosa after CNN debate: 'He has won my admiration and my vote'

Director Manny Castaneda and former PNP Chief Bato Dela Rosa / photo file from Google

Former Philippine National Police Chief Bato Dela Rosa scored more points during the CNN Philippines debate last Saturday.

Veteran director Manny Castaneda has nothing but praises for Dela Rosa , saying Bato has earned his vote for the coming election.

"At first I was unsure of Bato for the Senate but after his performance at the CNN debate, he has won my admiration and my vote as well." he said

The director also pointed out that Bato stood as himself and did not pretend.

"Unlike many candidates who obviously performed to impress, Bato was sincere and spoke not only from experience but also from the heart. No attempt at intellectual discourse, no pretentiousness, but stood as himself - a human being." Castaneda said

"I just hope that when he does make it to the senate, he is able to maintain his present disposition and not morph into a despicable political monster like many of those who eventually had become a traditional politician."  he added

During the televised event, Dela Resa was cool enough to handle heated discussion about Duterte administration's war against illegal drugs despite being surrounded by bets from the opposition.

Source: Manny Castaneda

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  1. Sincere and honest person to sit in the senate office! You have my vote.

  2. Yes Bato deserve to win a senate sit. Those LP on the CNN debate are all hoax and bobo mga abugado pa naman.