After Duterte rants against husband, Korina to write a book on Mar’s achievements as public servant

Former senator Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez with their twins / Photo from theAsianparent Philippines

In a Facebook post, broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez expressed her support for husband and senatorial candidate Mar Roxas.

For Korina, her husband is one of the best contenders in the senatorial elections this May.

She also vouched for Roxas’ integrity and competence after alleging that his opponents are “working triple time” to bring him down and she’s even considering to write a book on the achievements of Roxas as a public servant.

“They're working triple time trying to bring Mar down. When I think about it, maybe warfare is warfare. In fairness to everyone’s civil liberties, I respect each one’s choice. All colors are welcome in my platforms. Love and kindness is the universal theme here.” She said

“So I hope you also don't mind I vouch for my husband as one of the best choices you can make for senator in May. I know exactly why I want each of my senatorial choices to win or drop out. Madedefend ko yan, factually. Hindi opinyon lang o based sa paninira. Andami kaseng makabitiw lang ng salitang masama. Wala naman facts.” Korina added

“In any case, one day I will write that book. For today, a message of love and hope and a call to action, to stand by what’s true. Troll-free” she said

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